Vintage Clarinets & More

The Martin Freres Company Re-fabricates Fine Vintage Clarinets

These instruments have been fully re-fabricated to the exacting standards of the Martin Freres Company and can be purchased directly from the Martin Freres Company.

If you are interested purchasing a vintage model Martin Freres clarinet, please email us at:

Martin Freres Brand Vintage Bb Clarinets originally manufactured between 1840 and the 1970’s include such models as:

>> Jean Martin Professional Grenadilla Wood Bb Clarinet
>> Classic Model Wooden Bb Clarinet
>> Coudet Model Hard Rubber Bb Clarinet
>> LaMonte Model Wooden Bb Clarinets
>> 1740 Model Grenadilla Wood Bb Clarinet
>> 1740 Deluxe Model Grenadilla Bb Clarinet

>> 1905 Martin Freres Paris Clarinet Catalogue
>> 1911 – 1913 Martin Freres Instrument Advertisement

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