Model B-88A Student Bb Clarinet

Martin Freres B88 Bb Clarinet

DISCONTINUED: The Model B-88A takes the latest student level Bb Clarinet Outfit by the Martin Freres Company and provides additional acoustic enhancement. The clarinet is made of an instrument quality Ebonite hard rubber that will last your student for many years. Each Model B-88A comes with all of the accessories needed to play up to the Collegiate level.

What makes the Model B-88A so special is its custom-tuned, Cocobolo Wood, Timber-Matching* barrel which provides a higher-quality tone than the standard clarinet barrel.

Martin Freres B88A Bb Clarinet


    • Bb Clarinet, Ebonite, Boehm System
    • 17 Nickel-Plated Keys, 6-Rings
    • Italian Pads
    • Steel Springs
    • Adjustable Thumb Rest


    • B-88A Bb Clarinet
    • Professional Cocobolo Wood, Custom-Tuned Barrel
    • Standard Clarinet Barrel
    • Student Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
    • Ligature
    • Mouthpiece Cover
    • Reed
    • Cork Grease
    • Cleaning Swab
    • Lifetime Warranty!


Replaced by the B34-A Bb Clarinet

*TIMBRE-MATCH? On many wind instruments the different registers actually sound like they are different instruments, rather than the same instrument playing a higher or lower note. For most clarinets, upgrading to an instrument quality hardwood barrel which is properly tuned will homogenize the tones (in fact, the entire spectral envelope) throughout all registers so that the listener is able to recognize that the instrument is the same clarinet whether the clarinetist plays an E3 or an E7.