1740 Model 2 Bb Clarinet by Martin Freres

The Martin Freres Paris 1740 Bb clarinet was manufactured in the 1950’s.

The Model 1740 (rectangular maker’s mark) clarinets were made in France by Martin Freres as an intermediate Bb clarinet.

1740 Model 2 Clarinet Value

1740 Model 2The Estimated Retail Value of the 1740 Model 2 clarinet can be described as:

    • Used Parts Only to Poor Condition $75US – $99US
    • Used Fair to Good Playable Condition $100US – $149US
    • Used Very Good Playable Condition $150US – $349US
    • Used Excellent Playable Condition $350US – $499US

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*Please note that auction prices may be as much as 50% off retail depending on the market conditions.

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