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The Honored Journey of the Martin Freres Company Namesake

Martin Freres A Paris 19th Century Logo

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The Martin Freres Societe (fr., Martin Brothers Company), was established in the year 1840 in the city of La Couture Boussey, Eure France by (Francois) Jean-Baptiste (Born 1817, Dec 1877), Claude Eugene (Born 1819, Dec 1874) & Felix (Born 1821, Dec 1896) MARTIN (surname).
These fine craftsmen hand-manufactured flutes and clarinets from 1840 until their deaths*.
Martin Freres Logo

Martin Freres A PARIS

In the late 1890s, the Thibouville Family of Paris partnered with the Jean-Baptiste Martin Family to continue the Martin Freres tradition through ~1927.
Martin Freres 20th Century Logo

Martin Freres 20th Century Logo

In the 1930s, a team of French & American businessmen revived the company and licensed the Martin Freres name to various woodwind manufacturers worldwide to produce student and intermediate woodwinds until the 1960s.
Martin Freres Company Today

Martin Freres Company

For the 21st century, a new generation of clarinet makers has risen to the challenge to keep the Martin brother’s dream alive. With great honor and deep respect for the groundbreaking work of its namesake’s founding fathers, the Martin Freres Company woodwind makers carry on that same fine family journey of excellence.
That is why clarinetists of today and beyond will say with pride,I Play a Martin Freres!  sm
– The Martin Freres Company Team


* The Martin Family actually began manufacturing woodwind instruments in the year 1740 (inspiring the collection of models with the 1740 stamp released in the 1940s and 50s) in La Couture Boussey (Eure) FR. The use of the company and brand name ‘Martin Freres’ (for woodwind manufacturing) does not first appear anywhere in the world until 1840.

The Martin Freres Company is a family business.

The Martin Freres Company has never been associated with the Martin Band Equipment Co., USA; the C.F. Martin Company, or the Martin Guitar Company.

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