Model B-44 Rosewood Advanced Bb Clarinet

Advanced Student Bb Clarinet Made of Honduran Rosewood

B44 Rosewood ClarinetThe Martin Freres Model B-44 Honduran Rosewood Bb Clarinet is an easy blowing clarinet with great projection and superior acoustics.

The Silver-Plated keys have excellent, fluid action and the intonation is outstanding.

This Advanced Student instrument has a silvery, rich, focused tone and PLAYS BEAUTIFULLY in all registers!


  • 17-Key, 6-Ring, Silver-Plated
  • Made of Instrument-Quality Honduran Rosewood
  • Adjustable Thumb-Rest
  • Steel Springs
  • Premium Pads
  • Conical Bore


  • B44 Boehm System Rosewood Bb Clarinet
  • Hard Shell Wood/Leather Clarinet Case
  • Mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece Cover
  • Ligature
  • Reeds

Martin Freres Company clarinets are Band Director Approved for all USA Band situations.


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B44B44 Barrels and BellModel B44 Clarinet