Martin Freres Supra Clarinet

From Ron, Njurunda, Sweden:

I have a Martin Freres Supra, Paris France. There’s no more text on this instrument, but there is a number: 56xxx.
The Clarinet is in rather good condition and fully playable. I have used it in a concert when my Selmer was being repaired. The instrument played well. I realize that it is difficult to determine much by the serial number, but I hope you can tell me something about this instrument. I received it as a gift and it has been stowed away for many years.


Response from The Martin Freres Company:

Thank you for your message. The Martin Freres Supra model was manufactured by

Martin Freres Paris during the 1940s – 1950s for distribution throughout Europe. The Clarinet is made of Grenadilla wood, was offered with standard nickel-silver or silver-plated keys, uses metal tenon rings to add to its durability, and boasts a professional tone, as you know.

Details on estimated value depending on condition can be found here:

We wish you many more years of enjoyment!

Thank you.