Model E-34 Series Eb Soprano (Sopranino) Clarinet

Martin Freres Company
Model E-34 Eb Soprano (Sopranino) Clarinet

Boehm System: 17 Nickel-Plated Keys, 6-Rings, Ebonite HR in a Matte Charcoal Woodgrain Finish

Martin Freres E-34 Sopranino Eb Clarinet

With finer lines, precision post, spring and key-work, fluid action and superior intonation, the E-34 Eb Sopranino Clarinet is recommended for intermediate level students who have organized playing experience and have come to expect superior tone and timbre from their instrument. Adults who are just beginning or who are returning to the clarinet after some period of time can also benefit from this advanced system.

The E34 comes in three styles: E34S (Student), E34 and E34A (Advanced).

  • The E34S has its keys adjusted for smaller hands.
  • The E34 has its keys adjusted for standard adult key spacing.
  • The Model E34A includes a hand-turned, professional grade, Grenadilla Wood, Timber-Matching clarinet barrel which provides high-quality, advanced performance acoustics!


  • Model E-34 Student 17-Key, 6-Ring Nickel-Plated Eb Soprano Clarinet
  • Soft Case with Plush Interior
  • Mouthpiece Kit (MP, MP Cover, Ligature, 2 Reeds, Reed Holder)
  • Cleaning Swab
  • Cork Grease

Model Options:

  • E34: Standard; adult key spacing
  • E34S: Student;  keys adjusted for smaller hands
  • E34A: Intermediate; Grenadilla Wood, Professional Clarinet Barrel custom-tuned for the E-34 and Bb Reed Acceptor

>> Click to hear the Sharp, Bright acoustic quality of the E-34 Eb Sopranino (as played by one of our Students)

>> Click to see the independent review of the Martin Freres E-34 Eb Sopranino

“The acoustical design of the modern E-flat Soprano clarinet permits and promotes several unique sonic qualities (found in conventional sounds) from which many of today's new techniques have been derived.

The Eb Soprano allows an incredible range of colors, not only throughout its range, but on every pitch! These are apparent not only in single sounds, but in multiple sounds as well. Additionally, the instrument is capable of a broad range of dynamics, from the virtually inaudible to FF. The E-flat also lends itself to extremes of technical activity in speed, register, and density of pitches for a broad range of different musical characters.

Many composers, during the last several decades, have extended the techniques of players simply by writing virtuosic music involving conventional sounds – many fast notes with rapid register leaps and extreme dynamic contrasts, for example.” – Tanosaki-Richards


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